Portal 2: LAB RAT

Bridging the gap…with portals.


Earlier today I posted about my completion of Portal 2.  One thing that did bother me about Portal 2 is that I was unable to reconcile the ending of the first Portal with the beginning of the new.  Fortunately Valve has that covered, enter Portal 2: LAB RAT.


While people may have differing opinions on the art, what it does do is bridge that all-important gap between the two games.  What it doesn’t do (and I would still like to know this) is expand on the time frame.  What year is it anyway?  It kind of reminds me of the Matrix in one sense as when you start to discover that movie’s secrets you learn that the time you thought it was in is not even close to what it really is.

So even a casual Portal fan should find this comic a fantastic refresher for the series, even though I think it is best read after the fact so you are left with that sense of wonder and bewilderment.  It is part of the experience.





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