SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of XBOX: It’s Just Business

Slowing down for the Summer.


Towards the end of April of this year I was lamenting the fact that my blog post production had dwindled down to a trickle after about a year and a half of constant output.  The good news is that my blog you are reading is not going anywhere, the bad news is that for the next several months the updates may be fewer and far between…but there is a good reason for that.


I have just very recently made a huge change in my career path my switching companies that I work for.  This was a huge decision for me, but one I am confident will work out great for me in the long run!  As such I will be devoting most of my time and energy to this new position and all the learning and work that goes with it, leaving myself with less time for my gaming and blogging hobbies.


As I have some free time this week I want to catch up on some blog posts and gaming while I can, but after that…I am not sure what will be going on.

I hope it is not as dire as it sounds as I really do enjoy my hobbies.  I will try to make the time where I can.  Thanks for reading this gamer’s journal of all things Xbox and beyond!

SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of XBOX | “Are You X-Perienced?” – This gamer’s journal of all things Xbox and beyond!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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