Halo Highlight Reel: Crunching Numbers Edition

Reach-ing to new heights!


Top Shot

Top Shot – Anniversary: Earned 3 headshots in a row in a matchmade game

Gamerscore = 50     Unlocked on 16/11/2011

Today I happened to look at my Halo Reach stats as I wanted to see how close to 1,000 games played (campaign, firefight, versus session, etc.) I was as I want to hit that milestone before the release of Halo 4.  Turns out I have played 888 games of Reach, that is quite a lot.  The more interesting stat that I uncovered though was that according to the stat sheet I have played 200 hours of Reach right on the nose (to the nearest minute)!  An interesting stat and an interesting place for that number to land.  I am sure at this point that Phantasy Star Online across Dreamcast and Xbox is the only game I have played more.  Close behind that would be each of this generation’s Fallout games.  Appears Reach is by far the king of this generation, well deserved.


Recently I have made time to once again complete the Halo 3 campaign.  I do not think I have played it since pre-Reach (though I could be wrong on that, would check the records but too lazy), but with the hype starting to build around Halo 4 I thought I would go back and revisit the close-out of the last trilogy.

After playing so much Reach it was a pleasure to go back to Halo 3.  The game looks and plays very crisp, in ways I find its look more appealing than that of Reach.  I still absolutely hate the flood levels near the game’s climax, but I love that Warthog race finale!  Having played ODST recently and now Halo 3 I hope to go back and revisit Halo 2 and play Anniversary co-op as well.


Halo 4 is slowly picking up steam this year.  Recent releases were the box art (pictured above) as well as pre-orders and the announcement of the game’s collectors edition.  I will certainly be picking up that and at the same time be thankful that there is no $150 edition of which I have partaken in the past.  I will have more on Halo 4 and Halo in general in future posts.

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