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X-Press #4: SG’s Xcellent Adventure

Once again it is time to grace one and all with some of my thoughts and impressions from the last few weeks in XBOX gaming.  Don’t read to much into the above title, i just could not think of anything … Continue reading

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All is Quiet

Now that I have finished my mid-term I can now refocus on my gaming.  What I have discovered is that after the better part of a week gaming layoff, the rust gets pretty thick.  I have been playing a lot … Continue reading

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X-Press #2: The XBOX Top Ten!

With the release of Forza Motorsport and the impending release of the XBOX 360 I can see that the green ‘X’ monster’s time is nearly at hand.  But what a ride!  The XBOX has produced the most entertaiment value of … Continue reading

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More Ghost Recon 2 = Happy

As I read through my daily video game news I was very excited to see that an expansion pack is being produced for Ghost Recon 2.  Here is a LINK to that story as presented by TeamXBOX. Ghost Recon 2 … Continue reading

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Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon Advanced Tactical Centers

If you enjoy your Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon like I do, you may want to DL these Advanced Tactical Centers from Ubisoft.  If you want to plot Stratagy with your mates or just want a birds eye view of … Continue reading

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