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Resident Evil: RE-GENERATION

With Resident Evil 5 looming just around the corner I decided to pick up the all-new CG RE movie, Resident Evil: Degeneration, to warm me up as I have been out of the RE loop for years. First, about the … Continue reading

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XBOX 360: Screnshot Update

Just a quick update about the state of screenshots here in the Haunted House:   TeamXBOX has posted some high-resolution Resident Evil 5 screnshots on their site.  I have grabbed them and they currently reside in my XBOX 360 album … Continue reading

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X-Press #7: The Hot Coffee Edition (AO)

Well it is time once again to visit this week in Xbox-ville.  I will be your host for the next couple of minutes, so sit back, relax, grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the sights and sound of … Continue reading

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