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SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Rise of Nightmares

Atmospheric survival-horror…on the Kinect! Invitation to a Nightmare – Began the Nightmare Gamerscore = 5     Unlocked on 23/10/2011 When Rise of Nightmares was first announces, along with Haunt, I was excited for the fact that there would be two horror … Continue reading

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Xtra Points: Halo, Halloween, and Haulin’ Ass!

Ten years in the making… As I have been so bust gaming the last few weeks my blog has been a little lean as of late.  That will change as Halloween approaches, and with that, my second annual SUPERGHOST’s Fright … Continue reading

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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Back with a vengeance! Early this year I did a massive blog post which detailed the history of the Steel Battalion franchise, its legacy. and its future.  We last saw news of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor when it was announced … Continue reading

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Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fun for everyone! Winning! – Ninjas never gloat                                                                              Gamerscore = 10   Unlocked on 10/08/2011 While I do not buy as many Xbox LIVE Arcade games as I used to, I still make room for unique and interesting games.  And when … Continue reading

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Fable III: Hand in Hand

Once again a Hero returns to Albion… The Guild Seal – The Guild Seal reacted to your touch. You’re a Hero! But then, you knew that already.     Gamerscore = 10    Unlocked on 01/07/2011 After over half a year I finally … Continue reading

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A Child of Eden

Let’s get away, fly away… Field Of Dreams – Cleared the Beauty Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode                Gamerscore = 30   Unlocked on 02/07/2011 The day I bought Child of Eden I brought it home, played the first level via the … Continue reading

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SUPERGHOST TV: Featuring Kinect Adventures

I’m gonna get you! Kinect Adventure’s Living Statues! Sharing Is Caring – Uploaded a Living Statue or photo to the Internet      Gamerscore = 20    Unlocked on 10/11/2010 Kinect Adventures of course is the game bundled with your Kinect sensor.  While … Continue reading

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Steel Battalion: The Legacy

A future history of Vertical Tanks… I thought about waiting until E3 this week to write this post.  Initially it has been in the works for several months, I just never got back to it.  When Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour … Continue reading

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Kinect Sports: Partying and Calorie Counting

Break sweats, not controllers! Break a sweat – Defeated the Celery in a quick calorie challenge                           Gamerscore = 25   Acquired on 30/04/2011 Yesterday was a great day for Kinect Sports.  With the weather outside being frightful (seems like Spring has … Continue reading

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Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge Game Add-On

Time to beat the meat! This is timely.  I have been both looking for a reason to play my Kinect lately, in particular Kinect Sports.  I have also been feeling a little heavy as of late, I could use another … Continue reading

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