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Mission Accomplished: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

Halo. Its Finished.  No, I think we’re just getting started. Birth of a Spartan – Complete every level of the game on Normal difficulty Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 30/12/2011 Today I was able to knock off another one of … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: Happy Halo-days!

Reach-out to your friends! Bungie ❤  I’ll Be Taking That!  – Pilot a Banshee on the level “Assault on the Control Room.”                                                                                                                Gamerscore = 25     Unlocked on 13/12/2011 Is there any other time better in the year to enjoy Halo … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: A Winner is Halo

Happy anniversary! From Hell’s Heart – Anniversary: Killed an enemy with their own grenade that was stuck to you in a matchmade game                                                                       Gamerscore = 25     Unlocked on 20/11/2011 It has been a great season for gaming.  I have my … Continue reading

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Xbox’s Anniversary ‘X’

Ten years later, the brand has never been stronger! While I was not there from day 1 (I was still Dreamcast-ing) I certainly made up for the few months I was without the Xbox by becoming a staunch supporter of … Continue reading

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Up Next: Halo Anniversary Halo

Back where we started from… Well played Microsoft.  Ten years after the release of the Xbox console and its number one son, Halo, you have managed to create an event that captures a gaming generation of  good feelings and memories … Continue reading

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SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Halo Anniversary

The nightmare that is the Flood! Like Gears of War, many would not consider Halo, and in particular Halo: Combat Evolved (or Anniversary, take your pick) to be a ‘scary’ game.  I do understand that sentiment, but most people may … Continue reading

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Xtra Points: Halo, Halloween, and Haulin’ Ass!

Ten years in the making… As I have been so bust gaming the last few weeks my blog has been a little lean as of late.  That will change as Halloween approaches, and with that, my second annual SUPERGHOST’s Fright … Continue reading

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