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Mortal Kombat

Prepare to fight! The early 1990s were the golden age for video game fighters.  Two games really stood head and shoulders above the rest, Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat.  During this time arcades were still somewhat viable as console … Continue reading

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Freak Out! Macho Man Randy Savage is in WWE All Stars!

Oooooooooh Yeahhhh! It was my understanding that the Randy Savage (aka The Macho Man, Randy Poffo) has been on the outside looking in when it comes to the new WWE, possibly due to a falling-out with the McMahon’s.  It appears … Continue reading

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DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions

Itagaki or no, Team Ninja soldiers on…to the 3DS In the past, the Xbox and the Xbox 360 consoles were the home for Team Ninja, in particular the DEAD OR ALIVE fighting series.  What ever deals were done behind the … Continue reading

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XBOX 360 Countdown: 67 Days to go!

Hello Gamers!  The countdown to XBOX 360 begins here!  Every day I will add a little something to my countdown, be it a pic or a quote, but it will be all 360.  Today I have a pic of my … Continue reading

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Dead or Alive 4: THE Killer App!

  Details are begining to emerge on Team Ninja’s highly anticipated fighter for the Xbox 360.  Gamespot has posted this weekend a detailed preview of Dead or Alive 4, and if you were not foaming at the mouth before, than … Continue reading

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The Big Trade Off

  …Well it was for me anyway.  Today I decided to thin the ranks so to speak.  I traded in seven games today at EB to help fund my XBOX 360 purchase this November.  So here is a list of … Continue reading

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…that is what I plan to do at my blog.  To me it seems clutterd, I am hoping that I can reduce that.  Also The Xbox 360 is coming ever closer to release and I want to increase the blog’s … Continue reading

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