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Mission Accomplished: Pigsy’s Perfect 10

Also in this post: Achievement Milestone: 65,000+ Gamerscore! What can possibly go wrong? – Pigsy’s Perfect 10: Complete all chapters      Gamerscore = 40   Acquired on 11/06/2011 After recently completing Enslaved: Odyssey to the West I was able to continue my … Continue reading

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The Fallout New Vegas Tour!

Seeing the sights…before they are blown to smithereens! Sierra Souvenir Aficionado – Collected 500 Sierra Madre Chips                Gamerscore = 30   Acquired on 27/05/2011 One of the coolest sites/blogs I have come across in a long while is is London, U.K.’s … Continue reading

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Re-Open Worlds: Bethesda Softworks

Engaged in some real-worlds quests…New Vegas, Oblivion, Morrowind, etc. Talent Pool – Completed Talent Pool                                                                  Gamerscore = 20   Acquired on 15/05/2011 After a prolonged absence brought on my career moves, game save patches, and a Gears of War 3 beta, … Continue reading

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Kinect Sports: Partying and Calorie Counting

Break sweats, not controllers! Break a sweat – Defeated the Celery in a quick calorie challenge                           Gamerscore = 25   Acquired on 30/04/2011 Yesterday was a great day for Kinect Sports.  With the weather outside being frightful (seems like Spring has … Continue reading

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Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge Game Add-On

Time to beat the meat! This is timely.  I have been both looking for a reason to play my Kinect lately, in particular Kinect Sports.  I have also been feeling a little heavy as of late, I could use another … Continue reading

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Fallout New Vegas: Milestone Monday

Cappers be cappin’ Old-Tyme Brawler – Caused 10,000 damage with Unarmed weapons.                 Gamerscore = 15   Acquired on 27/03/2011 Congratulations to me!  I am now into my sixth month of playing Fallout: New Vegas.  With dozens of hours of Fallout being … Continue reading

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Buyers Market!

A Sucker for Sales… Even though I don’t do it as often as I used to, I still like buying games for the sake of buying games.  Recently Xbox LIVE Marketplace had a sale on arcade games, more on that … Continue reading

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