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My Retro Gaming Station

Back to BASICs. I would best describe myself as a casual collector of retro gaming consoles and such.  Not so much going out of my way to acquire items, but rather to hang on to what I have had since … Continue reading

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Raid on Bungling Bay

Birth of a legend… As a youth when I used to play my Commodore 64, one of the neat little games I had for it was this strange helicopter combat game entitled Raid on Bungling Bay.  It has been decades … Continue reading

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Maniac Mansion

Days of tentacles… If you have been following this blog over the last six years you will know that I have been a gamer since its inception when pong ‘consoles’ came into peoples homes in the 70s.  Most of my … Continue reading

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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

The first great computer role playing game! When I first got started in the computer gaming scene in the early 1980’s I was introduced to the world of computer role-playing games, or RPGs for short.  It wasn’t long before I … Continue reading

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Gambling in my Video Games…

I always like to roll the dice! Personally I have never been the biggest gambler, I always play my cards and my wallet, close to my chest.  However, in the land of video games (where you really have nothing to … Continue reading

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Give Me Some of That Old Time Gaming…

Controller-breaking at its finest! The title of the blog is SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of Xbox, but for every story there is a beginning, for me the beginning of this adventure stretches all the way back to the 1970’s when Pong … Continue reading

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