Beta: Ghost Recon Future Soldier

‘Ghost’s Recon!


While I have not been able to play this beta (or demo) nearly as much as I have liked, what I have played of it has really impressed me.  I have always appreciated Ghost Recon’s over-shoulder view, the methodical movement and aiming, and overall military-shooter feel that is wildly different than the Call of Duty series.  What Ghost Recon Future Soldier does is follow the Ghost Recon brand, its way of running FPSs, but also adds a grittier tone and a sense of movement that the series has lacked in the past.  The developers of Ghost Recon have taken the challenges of the the FPS games on consoles and have adapted them to their world.  With the changes Ubisoft has made to the series (over its extended development cycle, perhaps the longest in franchise history), this for me is the military FPS I want to play going forward.


What I also find very exciting about this iteration is the ability to play the game’s campaign co-op with up to four players.  Previous games supported co-op, but not in the main scenario, rather in a specially tailored missions which existed outside the game’s main engine, but rather in the multiplayer one.  This time it appears that all are under one roof.  That is good news!

The game will also be supported by a stat-tracking site called the Ghost Recon Network (linked below).  I enjoy games that have support that exists outside of the game.  While I do not utilize them extensively, they are still fun to play around with.

After a half-a-decade wait, the new Ghost Recon is nearly upon us, and I can’t wait for it!

Ghost Recon Network



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