Mission Accomplished: Space Marine

The WarHammer 40,000 universe expanded.


Here, At the End of All Things

Here, At the End of All Things – Kill Daemon Prince Nemeroth.

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After playing Relic’s WarHammer 40,000: Space Marine, I am left to wonder if they did not make a better Gears of War game.  Space Marine tells a story that takes place in the WarHammer 40K universe, a universe of which I know next to nothing about even though this is the third game I own set in it.  One who is a fancier of WarHammer would likely have received their knowledge of this universe from the copious amounts of novels and table-top board games based on the property. Most of the story beats would come from there.  Regardless, Relic, who is better known for their successful real-time strategy games based on WarHammer and World War II have developed a very competent Gears of War close set in the WarHammer 40K universe.  Perhaps too competent for their own good because now I want more shooter action from the masters of the RTS.


Space Marine looks, sounds and feels very much like a Gears game.  Probably the biggest difference is that there is no cover mechanic in Space Marine.  The Ultramarines that you are in control of are essentially walking tanks and are more than interested getting right in the middle of the fray.  For those times though when some discretion is required, there are an assortment of ranged weapons at your disposal with a choice wheel straight out of Gears.

One of Space Marine’s most interesting additions is how you regain health.  One must weaken an enemy to the point where they are wobbled.  Then you will attack your opponent with an over-the-top finisher which not only looks amazing, but snaps your health back to where it belongs.  This of course keeps the player in the middle of orks, and using melee tactics.


Space Marine is a gorgeous game.  The environments and skyboxes are incredible even though the colour pallet is very drab.  The colour and lighting change as the Ultramarines make their way to the games final outcome.  The character and enemies are wonderfully realized and  they all feel and control like the monstrosities that they are.  You can feel the gravity of the ‘marines foot-falls as they tromp and stomp their way through the game.

There is literally so much to say about this game that I am struggling to get it out.  While I believe it would be a benefit to have been properly immersed into the WarHammer universe before playing this game, one can still really enjoy what Space Marine has to offer, especially if you want something a little different then your Gears or your Halo.  The story is fun too, while it doesn’t rewrite the book, it does give you a tale to follow with an interesting conclusion that leaves one wanting for more.

Though I traded in the game the day after I was done, it doesn’t speak ill to this game’s quality.  I would implore anyone to at least play through this game once as it is a fun ride, and I look forward to a potential future iteration!

Space Marine




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