From the Ashes of Thumbstick Warriors: Xbox Vision Podcast

Looking forward to the in-sight!


Antalize this: Former Thumbstick Warrior’s and personal gamer-friends QuickBuckShot and TormentX have risen from the podcast ashes and have re-launched with an all-new Xbox-centric show by titled Xbox Vision.  In tow with the original podcasters is another of my gamer-friends, a Robin-like sidekick figure by the name of xR1CKST3Rx (Rickster) has joined the team as well.


Having just listened to Episode one I can say that they have benefitted from the break from Thumbstick Warriors.  Gone are the dead-weight hosts that disrupted the flow of the original ‘cast and in are a focused group of Xbox gamers that are not strict X-Bots, but rather are game appreciators who just happen to have an Xbox-focused podcast (but I do know truly where their heart is, hence the title of the show.)

Technically, they have never sounded better.  I have busted BuckShot’s chops for his Xbox LIVE play-by-play, but is a natural host and kept the show flowing, even when TormentX sounded like he needed to sleep. Winking smile  TormentX again brings the knowledge and opinion and Rickster brings the comic relief.  He was the only component of the cast who did not come through crystal clear, perhaps they can work on that in the near future.

My two cents.  Show is better than ever, gone are the dead weight and technical issues, and in is a new and improved fresh product. The show also benefits by coming in at about an hour as opposed to the 4.5 hour epics is a benefit as well.  The tighter focus ensures these guys stay on top of things and allows the listener to listen to other podcasts that week as well.

I killed the last podcast.  The show where I was going to special guest star was the show that never came to pass.  I hope to remedy that situation and provide some of my own Xbox vision in the future…that is if this podcast freight train will have me. Smile  Great first outing guys! 

ps. Get TormentX a tissue next show.

Xbox Vision Podcast | Digital Gaming Underground



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  1. backdraft123 says:

    I look forward to listening to it after lunch!

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