Storm Warning of a New MechAssult

One small step for Mechs…

Big shoes to fill.

One of the first Xbox LIVE titles made available for the service at its launch was MechAssault.  Set in the BattleTech universe made popular by its pen-and-paper board games and series of novels, MechAssault brought the action to the consoles with a full campaign as well as taking control of several of the mechs from the series with simplified console controls. 

While all this was very exciting, the meat of MechAssault resided in its online multiplayer.  I spent many an hour fighting in Mech vs Mech battles, tromping through and destroying cities, and leading my team to victory.  I can honestly say I was a pretty decent player, but as other multiplayer games started to steel MA’s thunder, plus its sequel MechAssault 2 hitting with a thud, MechAssault slowly drifted into obscurity.  With LIVE no longer available for the original Xbox, MechAssault is now not much more than a memory, but a strong memory it is and it looks like people are waking up to this memory.


While there is no formal announcement the fact that the video at the start of the post which appears on Day 1 Studios’ web site, the original developers behind MechAssault, strongly suggests that another Mech based game is in the works, and gamers from those original Xbox LIVE days are salivating in anticipation for the return of one of their beloved franchises.  I for one know of a friend that will go absolutely ballistic when he hears what I think they will announce.


I am surprized that nearly 10 years from its original release that I would be doing a MechAssault post that is a look forward rather than a look back.  Surprised, but very excited.  MechAssault had fantastic gameplay and MechAssault 2 introduced a lot of fantastic ideas to the mix.  I can’t wait to see what the current generation’s technology can add.  Destruction and combat on an epic scale for sure.  Looking forward to that formal announcement!

Storm Warning | Day 1 Studios



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