Achievement Spotlight: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

‘Ghost’s Recon!



Iron man (Quick mission) – You have finished a mission without being hit

Gamerscore = 30     Unlocked on 08/02/2012

With the recent release of the brand-new Ghost Recon Future Soldier trailer I once again started to get that Ghost Recon itch.  As I own every Xbox and Xbox 360 version of Ghost Recon (minus the inferior Xbox GRAW port) I went to my favourite in the series, and its most recent release, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. 

It has been nearly five years since his game was released, but other than some quirky and dated control schemes, GRAW 2 holds its own ground, even amongst of FPS military shooters that are available today.  GRAW 2 is a much more methodical experiences, plus it reaches back into the series’ roots by allowing you to order your squad, or support vehicles, around the battlefield in real-time in order to assist you in the mission.  GRAW 2 is also a looker, offering the gamer a realistic war-time experience.

This week I took the opportunity to start a new campaign.  While I still have a lot of rust on me for this series, I am enjoying my experience.  I also took some time to collect some stray ‘cheevos I left on the table.  In doing one 5 minute mission in order to secure the above Iron Man achievement I managed to collect 3 in total!



Predator (Quick mission) – You have finished a mission with all fights engaged by you                                                                                                                 Gamerscore = 30     Unlocked on 08/02/2012

HeyeHawk’s eye (Quick mission) – You have finished a mission with all your intels acquired while out of combat                                                                        Gamerscore = 30      Unlocked on 08/02/2012

When the pop-up announced that I obtained the Iron Man achievement the Predator and Hawk’s Eye followed along side it which was a pleasant surprise.  The achievement hunter in me loved the fact that I earned 90 Gamerscore in approximately 5 minutes!  Easy work if you can get it.

So I may be retired from earning GRAW 2 achievements (maybe I will try to snag one or two more), but in the meantime I will continue my campaign which should lead nicely into the GRFS beta which is due in the next several weeks (unless they push the game back again).  The new game is shaping up nicely and I cannot wait to play it!

Ghost Recon Future Soldier



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