Farewell Adam Adamowicz : The Visual Mind Behind Fallout 3

An amazing, talented, artist. I will miss his work.


As I was flipping through my social media streams this morning I came across this story which announced the passing of of Concept Artist, Adam Adamowicz.  While I did not recognize the name, I did know his most recent works through and through as I am a huge fan of Fallout 3 and Skrim, both of these games he had a huge part in the look of the worlds, their characters, and technologies.


While I cannot speak to the man that Adam was as I never knew him, I can speak to his art which spoke to me like very few artist did before.  I fell in love (a much I guess as you can love a game) with Fallout 3 and could not get enough of it.  I would play and explore the D.C. Wasteland for hours, all the while admiring the faux-50’s future tech, the ruins, and the creatures that inhabited this alien, and at the same time realistic, world.  I would devour all the content and DLC that this game had to offer to where I felt as I saw it all, and done it all.  After approximately 170 hours, it was time to go to New Vegas.


As much as I enjoyed these games, I also enjoyed the guides for the games which featured much of Adam’s artwork.  Clearly he was a fantastically skilled artist with an imagination that could not fail.  While I can express that his work blew me away, the link below which I sourced my information from, does a much better tribute to Adam, and I implore all of you to read it.


Adam was still a young man who was taken away from this world far too early.  We are left with the legacy that was his work.  Think of him as you enjoy Bethesda’s great games and that what you see, Adam likely had a major part in. RIP.

Awesome Robo!: Farewell Adam Adamowicz : The Visual Mind Behind Fallout 3

Adam’s Blog



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