XCOM Enemy Unknown Announced

XCOM returns to its strategy roots in an all-new title!


When the new XCOM was first announced and it was to be remade and brought into the modern era there was much excitement.  A lot of XCOM purists, who were fans of the original real-time strategy XCOM of the 90s,  were not as excited waned it was discovered that XCOM would primarily be a  first-person shooter.  Now everybody is happy as 2K has announced that XCOM will be returning to its strategy roots as XCOM: Enemy Unknown will bring XCOM to a modern setting with its real-time strategy roots brought to us by legendary developer Firaxis.


Though I was a fan of the original XCOM and wished for a modern retelling of the game I really took to the 1950s FPS take of the XCOM universe.  So when I saw that the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown was on its way I was concerned that the 50s XCOM had been dumped in its place.  Most excitingly we will have two XCOM games from two different eras and two different play styles.  This is probably the best news XCOM fans, young and old, could get!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is scheduled for release this fall, so the wait will not be too long, but certainly long enough.  Game Informer magazine has exclusive details, so if you want the latest, I suggest you pick up a copy ASAP.  Time to send those aliens packing before they steal anymore of our precious cow parts!

XCOM Enemy Unknown



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