SUPERGHOST’s Games of 2011: The ‘Ghosties’: Part II

2012 is here!  


Today is the first day of the new year.  But before getting in to a whole new year of new and exciting blogs I still have some unfinished business with 2011, namely the last half of my Game of the Year awards, or the Ghosties.

First I will announce the runner-up to the game of the year, followed up by the Best of the Rest Part II, then finally my overall game of the year.  Let us continue then with 2011 Runner-Up to the Game of the Year:

The 2011 Runner-Up to the Game of the Year is:


Portal 2

Ghosties_thumb[5]Portal 2 was surprisingly close to taking the overall award for game of the year.  The strength of this game’s story and writing are second to none.  Add that to the sense of wonder I felt exploring the test chambers of Aperture Science through its generations of development was truly a watershed moment for me.  Portal 2, outside of its story, is also an amazing game to play with great puzzles and game mechanics.  Throw in an excellent co-op mode and Portal 2 is one of the best games of this generation.  Kudos to Valve! 

The Best of the Rest – Part II:

Ghosties_thumb[6]Another great year with so many great games.  I am astonished that each year gets better and better for software.  You would think that it would be slowing down at this point, on the contrary, 2012 is shaping up to be even better.  Here are the best of the rest for 2011, part II:


Gears of War 3

Not many games are as complete a package as Gears of War 3.  Single player, multi-paler versus, co-op 4 player, Horde and Beast mode, Arcade scoring modes, and so on.  Gears will never leave you for lack of options.  Excellent DLC support that already expands on the Gears of War epic storyline…which is necessary as Gears of War 3’s finally wraps of this story arch quite tightly.  I am curious of war the Gears universe will go from here, but Epic has produced a package which will keep Gears in gamers minds for some time. 


Forza Motorsport 4

Like Gears 3, Forza 4 offers so much for gamers to explore and enjoy that this package will keep Forza fans busy for years to come.  Forza literally has something for everybody.  Kinect support and assist for the novice gamers to high end tuning and competition for the expert gamer.  Turn 10 also constantly is rolling out new rival challenges for gamers who may not enjoy multiplayer competition, have the option to compete against the world with asynchronous multiplayer modes.  Forza Motorsport 4 is the best racing game on the planet.


Kinect Sports Season 2

While not every event in Kinect Sports Season 2 is not a home-run, there is so much fun to be had here that it is surprising that Season 2 and all its improvements were only a year out from the original Kinect Sports and Kinect launch.   Games such as Golf, Darts, and Skiing are truly a blast to play.  The improvements in the Kinect and voice commands make this game an overall better experience alone.  If you buy one Kinect game this season, Kinect Sports Season 2 should be your game!


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Another year, another great Halo product.  Obviously the Halo: Combat Evolved campaign would be a known quantity, but what was unknown was how awesome a job Saber Interactive would be at putting a next-generation mesh overtop of the existing game..and be able to switch back and forth between graphic modes on the fly.  Another big part of this package was the Halo Anniversary maps that were included and playable in the Halo: Reach multiplayer.  I spent a fair amount of time in the Halo Anniversary Multiplayer suite playing those maps and modes alone!  This game is one of the best of the year and a great bridge to Halo 4.

SUPERGHOST’s 2011 Game of the Year Ghostie goes to:


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Ghosties_thumb[5]It is no secret that Bethesda are the makers of my favourite console RPGs of all time.  Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 are amazing games, it is hard to believe that Bethesda could out do themselves, but they did, and then some.  While I have literally only scratched the surface of Skyrim, I can say that it it probably the best games of its type ever created, be that an open-world game, RPG, action-adventure.  There is so much to see, do, and experience in Skyrim that you will likely never see all that it can offer.  Skyrim will be the game that I play the most in 2012.  Congratulations, you will suck away dozens of hours of my free time, and you are my Game of the Year!

Well that is that for 2011.  2012 is shaping up to be another awesome gaming battleground!  Will we see the new Xbox? Perhaps, but I bet we do at least here about it.  And when we do I will be here to write about it!  Happy New Year!



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1 Response to SUPERGHOST’s Games of 2011: The ‘Ghosties’: Part II

  1. backdraft123 says:

    I have to agree with Skyrim as being the GOTY. I missed Portal and skipped out on Forza, but GOW3 was a fantastic game. Great online play has me revisiting it weekly. I’m sucked in MW3 at the this time, but I love Skyrim and put in about 40+ hrs thus far. See ya online ‘Ghost!

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