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Earlier this year I posted a blog about Sega Bass Fishing on my Dreamcast.  I have always enjoyed Sega’s fishing efforts, especially when I could use their special fishing controller.  That is part of why I was intrigued about Rapala’s latest fishing game, this time there is no controller, rather you are the controller as this edition of the game is for the Kinect.  So as I am always on the lookout for new and interesting Kinect games I thought I would reel in this game, and when I went to pay for it it was only $20.  A no-brainer to purchase indeed.  Now it is one thing to get it, but is it any good?  Read on and find out.


My first session of the game felt very much like Sega’s original Bass Fishing game in structure, but with the Kinect implementation the game takes off on some interesting directions that I did not expect.  The game itself does not take itself too seriously.  When you are punching fish and doing all sorts of gestures and poses to reel in the fish you know this is not your typical fishing game.

Arcade-style timed fishing sessions are broken up with boat races where you can collect bonus items and coins.  I was not the biggest fan of this game as the controls did not feel right, fortunately the meat of the game, the fishing, does not have that issue.

When I installed the game I was astonished that it did not even weigh in at 800 MB.  For me that is the smallest disc install I have seen for a game that is only available on disc, and with XBLA games routinely being over 1 GIG, I am surprised that this was not an arcade release.  I am happy that it is not as it does allow for 1,000 Gamerscore to be up for grabs.  In fact I earned over 200 points in my first play session alone.


So far I can say I am enjoying this package.  Rapala for Kinect is a nice change of pace from the dancing game genre which is all the rage these days.  The game will keep you literally on your toes, giving the gamer a little something to think about the next day.  I look forward to playing with the family as I think they will enjoy it as well.

Rapala for Kinect™ – Xbox 360



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