Mission Accomplished: Alan Wake’s “The Writer” DLC

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With all the hubbub surrounding  the newly announced Alan Wake XBLA title, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, I got the bug to once again to return to the game.  Instead of returning to the Nightmare difficulty game I had in progress I decided to focused my attention on some uncharted ground.  That ground being the DLC chapter “The Writer”, which I had purchased a year ago, but never got around to playing it.


The Wrier, like Alan Wake’s other DLC chapter The Signal, continues Alan Wake’s struggles with the lands created by his imagination of where he is a prisoner.  These chapters take place as part of the post-script of the game itself, and now after what I have seen of American Nightmare, The Signal and The Writer appear to be the bridge to Alan Wake’s next adventure as he struggles with the darkness to reach the light.


Having recently played this game again it really reinforces to me what a treasure this game is.  It is aesthetically beautiful, as a great story, great music, and great gameplay.  I am very excited that we are getting more from Remedy and Alan Wake franchise because not many franchises deserve a continuation like Alan Wake does.

I still want to go back and complete the game on Nightmare, but perhaps not before I deal with the American Nightmare.

Alan Wake




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