Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Coming Summer of 2012

The way I like it!

Classic THPS!

For me the zenith of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise was THPS2.  Back in the day I owned it, and the original, on my Dreamcast (actually still have both to this day).  The first two Tony Hawk games were some of the most fun I had with video games.  I loved just skating the levels, seeing how fast I could complete all the objectives, finding the secrets, and setting high-scores.  I played THPS3, tried some other iterations, and even dabbled with the TH Ride board, but none could match the excitement and fun (and soundtrack) of the originals.


When rumblings of a new Tony Hawk game were making the rounds I was not quite sure what to expect.  So when the game was announced that it would be an amalgam of the original two games, with an HD sheen, and for under $20, I began to get very excited.

As it is slated for 2012 I suspect they will bring it out to coincide with the X-Games.  I have always associated those games with said event, so I believe it would be a no brainer to ride that wave when you are re-rebooting the franchise again.  This is already one of my most anticipated games of 2012, THPS, the way I like it!





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