Dancing My Ass Off! Dance Central 2

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It came to my own attention this week that my self-titled “Gamer’s Physique” is getting a little out of hand.  As we are on the cusp of the Christmas party season I decided I needed to nip this situation in the bud and start getting a handle on things before they spiral out of control.  As I am want to do when I want to lose weight, I adjust my portion size and general eating habits.  This has been very successful for me in the past and I hope for that continued success in the present.  The difference maker this time may be building a new-age gamer’s physique, this one brought to you by Microsoft’s Kinect.  After the break I will discuss how Dance Central 2 has and is spurring on this motivation.

Dance Central 2-Dance Central 2-Dance Central 2-26-11-2011

While checking the Dance Central website I noticed that they were featuring a blog with Harmonix employees that were using DC as a tool in their weight loss efforts.  I took some inspiration from those blogs and decided that in conjunction with watching what I eat that I am going to use Dance Central 2 to help in my quest.

What is great about Dance Central 2 is that they embrace the fitness aspect.  Within the game are several built in work-outs with various lengths and tempos.  I have played Kinect fitness games before, but ultimately, they were just no fun.  With Dance Central I still feel as though I am playing a game, and having fun doing so.  That is very important when it comes to motivating myself to get up and in front of the TV and break a sweat.

Dance Central 2-Dance Central 2-Dance Central 2-26-11-2011x2

Another enjoyable factor with Dance Central is that my wife and kids can, and do, join in on the fun.  That also helps with the motivation so that I will continue on this most difficult of quests.  Dance Central is not just a workout tool, it is actually a great game and challenges you to do something different in the process, and with Kinect Share you can show the world your moves (if you dare).  See you on the dance floor!

Dance Central



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