Minecraft Coming Soon to XBLA

Hey Guys!

Great video!

This weekend was the first MineCon, or Minecraft Convention in Las Vegas.  Checking out the news regarding Minecraft and its convention has made me realize that Minecraft is blowing up!  And normally I wouldn’t pay a PC game too much mind except for the fact that Minecraft is on its way to the Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE Arcade.  We all knew this from this year’s announcement at E3, but with MineCon this past weekend we were treated to a hilarious video marking the first appearance of Minecraft for XBLA!


While personally I am not really excited about the game (though that may change), I am most excited for my son who through the Xbox 360 Indie game ‘homages’ of Minecraft seems to be really interested in the concept.  He also loves to create so I think this will be a excellent outlet for those energies.  Who knows, maybe he and I will find ourselves at MineCon someday.  I will be watching for news on this game, and its proposed future beta, as it arrives.





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