Xbox’s Anniversary ‘X’

Ten years later, the brand has never been stronger!


While I was not there from day 1 (I was still Dreamcast-ing) I certainly made up for the few months I was without the Xbox by becoming a staunch supporter of the Xbox, Xbox LIVE, and now the Xbox 360!  As recently as a couple of days ago I was still found to be purchasing classic Xbox titles!

Yesterday was the 10th birthday of the original Xbox as well as the beloved Halo franchise.  Microsoft gave a gift to us all be re-releasing Halo: Combat Evolved in the form of Halo Anniversary.  It was a fantastic way to take a stroll down memory lane and remember for a moment that sense of wonder Halo brought to a pre-LIVE gaming world.


While I probably could fill pages of posts with all my great Xbox and Halo memories, I think perhaps I will leave that for a time when there is not much to write about.  As for now there is too much to play so blogging may fall to the wayside that next several weeks. so for now I will wish Xbox a happy 10th anniversary, and I am looking forward to what the next ten have in store!




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