Up Next: Assassin’s Creed Revelations

Turkish delight!


It has been tough keeping up with the Assassin’s Creed releases.  With the giant game worlds and yearly instalments, Ubisoft has kept gamers hopping (jumping and leaping) with these games alone.  This past Summer I finally pushed through Brotherhood so that I would be free and clear to start Revelations this holiday season.  And now with its release a few mere hours away I can feel my anticipation for this game rising, even in the face of title after title I have purchased over the last couple of months.


I am really excited for the change of scenery, the new (old) look Ezio, and to see what Altair and Desmond once again have in store.  Assassin’s Creed the series may be the best ongoing story in gaming (perhaps all media) with its fast and loose take on the secret history of humanity.  They are eerily close to the mark in some cases.

While I am excited, it may be a few weeks before I sink my teeth into it, but once I do the claws of AC will be in deep as I am transported to the past to save our future!

Assassin’s Creed Revelations




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