Busted! Call of Duty: Elite

The promise is there…the portal is not (mostly)


I fancy myself as more of a Modern Warfare fan than a Call of Duty fan.  In saying that though I did have an interest is using the Call of Duty: Elite service to its fullest so I took advantage of purchasing the Hardened Edition which came complete with the subscription to the service plus all the DLC that will be available for MW3.  Now while the game is playable, Elite has been crushed nearly to dust by the people trying to access the service.


This weekend I was once able to log in to the service via the Xbox 360.  It looked pretty neat, but it did also spotlight my crappy K/D ratio.  They claim that the service will make you a better CoD player, but I don’t think it will improve my reflexes, or my ability to aim.

Hopefully Activision and Beachhead will be able to sort all this out so we paying customers will be able to enjoy and use the service.  It looks like there could be some cool stuff there.  Bungie.net nailed it, now it is up to Beachhead to figure out what to do.

Call of Duty® Elite – Elite




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