Rainbow 6: Patriots

Shit just got real!


Back in January I blogged about my discontent at the state of Ubisoft’s family of Tom Clancy’s games.  Though Splinter Cell had made its way back on the scene, two other games were MIA, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six.  Early this year Ghost Recon started to re-emerge after a couple of false starts, now it is due on shelves in March of 2012 (but I won’t hold my breath on that ).  The latest news may be the most important as Rainbow 6: Patriots has been announced for a 2013 release.  What makes it important is the proposed scope of the game, the players choices, and consequences of their actions.

The war of terror…

Though the above video is only a concept, a prototype, of the vision the games’s creators have for the final version, if they approach any where near this target it may be the most gritty and important games of this generation.  There appears to be a lot of choices that will affect the outcome of this terrorist plot, and from what was speculated on and leaked earlier in the year, every decision will build to affect the final outcome.

I have been a fan of Rainbow Six since it first took advantage of Xbox LIVE on the classic Xbox, now it appears that after years between iterations we are seeing the evolution of the concept and fruits of their labours.  It will be a painful wait for Patriots, but perhaps not as painful as the choices you will have to make. 




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