The Fallout Wasteland Motorcycle

The coolest fan-made Fallout item I have ever seen!


This past spring I attended a local car show with my son.  Pretty standard fare, the local car club showing off their classic vehicles, but something caught my eye which blew my mind.  Pictured above is the a lovingly recreated, and operational, motorcycle from Fallout!  While it is not an exact replica of the motorcycles which liter the wastelands of the Fallout games, rather it is more of a tribute.  But what an amazing tribute!  And the details do not stop there.


So not only did the creator of this masterpiece come up with an awesome post=apocalyptic motorcycle, he also included a plethora of collectibles straight from the wastelands.  Such items from Fallout universe included:

  • A Nuka Cola flat case and bottle
  • A Mini Nuke
  • Gnome
  • Teddy Bear and toy car
  • Issues of Grognak the Barbarian and The Wasteland Survival Guide
  • Assorted other odds and ends


I think there were even some caps in there as well.  At the time I was looking as photographing this bike there was no indication of who built it.  It wasn’t until tonight that I did some research that a local Fallout fan, Chris Riffel, and his friends created this art-piece.  My hat goes off to these people because as a Fallout fan, I really appreciated their work and efforts on this project.

I am going to clos off this post with a couple of more pictures I took at the show.  As I said earlier, this may be my last Fallout post for a little while, so it was fun to go out with something a little bit different.  I hope you enjoyed this post and pics as much as I did.



Fallout: Welcome to the Official Site



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