Achievement Milestone: 70,000+ Gamerscore!

Once again…featuring Fallout: New Vegas!


No Gods, No MastersNo Gods, No Masters – Completed No Gods, No Masters

Gamerscore = 15     Unlocked on 23/10/2011

Back in December of last year I dinged in my 60,000 Gamerscore milestone by completing one of the early quests in Fallout: New Vegas.   I am always happy when I hit these milestones with my personal favourite games, and New Vegas would certainly qualify as one of those.  Significant as well as it was the completion of this game that brought me to that milestone.

When I completed the game earlier this week there were two achievement pop-ups, the achievement you see above, and the Hardcore achievement which I featured in my post for completing the game.  I saw this popup first so I declared it to be the achievement that put me over the top, though has them reversed.  I call it like I see it.


This may be the last New Vegas post you see from me for some time.  I did mention in the last post that I did have an extra-special, extra-unique Fallout post in the works, and I do, but I think I will save that for post-Fright Week.  Also, the sense of relief and accomplishment I received for completing this game means I can happily put it down for some time, or at least until I get the itch to return to the Mojave wasteland.

As for my next milestone, 80,000 Gamerscore, I am going to give myself 10 months from the start of November to see if I can pull it off, and judging from the last year’s results, and the crop of games coming out, I should have no problem.  See you at 80K!

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