SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Dead Island

Who do you voodoo?


While I was previously gushing over the importance of Dead Pixels in the pantheon of Zombie games, Dead Island, which was released several weeks ago deserves a place of importance as well.  Where Dead Pixels takes the zombie genre to a more simpler time and space, Dead Island ramps up the seriousness and scope of a zombie outbreak by providing a realistic back drop and situations to this action-adventure RPG.


Dead Island ramps up the multiplayer as well by offering 4-player co-op throughout the entire campaign (ala Left 4 Dead).  I mentioned RPG in the last paragraph and I was not kidding, each character as a skill tree which they can upgrade throughout the adventure by earning points for completing quests and killing zombies, but on Dead Island sometimes you have no choice but to run from danger as the zombie hordes can overwhelm you.

It seem the theme of Fright Week thus for is playing with a buddy, and when you are playing scary games that can be an extremely good thing.  Dead Island, out of all the games featured this week, is probably the most intense.  Don’t just bring a friend, bring three!  Expect more on Dead Island in the future as I get time to play it.

Dead Island



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