Mission Accomplished: Fallout New Vegas

Ain’t that a kick in the head!


HardcoreHardcore – Played the game from start to finish in Hardcore Mode

Gamerscore = 100     Unlocked on 23/10/2011

Ain’t that a kick in the head is right!  After another marathon of gaming goodness I have reached the conclusion of my Fallout: New Vegas adventure.  If you read my previous Fallout blog post you would notice that I was under the impression that I had several hours of gameplay left before the game’s conclusion.  In fact I was maybe an hour or so from the end, it kind of snuck up on me.  It helps that by the end my character was so powerful I basically walked through to the end without too much opposition.

My playtime for New Vegas clocked in at about 167+ hours.  That is just a smidge under the 175 that Fallout 3 took, but there was also one less DLC pack.  You could probably add another 10 hours in game freezes and glitches though.  New Vegas was rife with these issues, fortunately the game made up for it with its great gameplay and huge overworld  to explore.


The achievement I posted above was for finishing the game on Hardcore.  While the Hardcore mode made the first 10 or so hours of the game quite difficult, it did not play too much into the difficulty after a while, either that or I just got used to it.  It was not until I played the Dead Money DLC where the Hardcore mode reared its ugly head.  With that too it took a while but I adapted to the difficulty.  While I still preferred Fallout 3 overall, New Vegas grew on me towards the end to the point where I will genuinely miss the game, but not so much as to where I think I could come back.  One tour of the Mojave is good enough for me.

It feels a little weird having completed the game.  When you spend that much game time in a year of playing a game it feels as though the game will never end, but you know what they say about all good things.  I enjoyed my years of Fallout, but The Elder Scrolls are coming back so I will go back into that world, missing my VATS, but enjoying the fantasy world that Bethesda is famous for.  I suspect this will be the last Fallout game of this generation, but if it is not I will welcome another foray into the Wasteland as only Bethesda can provide (maybe I need to go back in time and play the originals).


Before I leave this post I still have a couple of Fallout posts left in me, so stay tuned as they will be appearing over the next week or so.  One is going to be something you have never seen before, so it will be worth the wait.  Check back often.

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2 Responses to Mission Accomplished: Fallout New Vegas

  1. Paul says:

    Do you have any handy tips for completing a “hardcore” playthrough? I’ve yet to do it and am a little apprehensive about having to manage so many things, as well as the fact that stimpaks no longer heal immediately.

  2. SUPERGHOST says:

    I do have, in fact, some tips:
    -The start of your adventure is the most difficult as your character is at its weakest. Take your time, stay close to a doctor.
    -Creatures will kick your ass so you need to pick off as many from a distance as you can.
    -Stimpacks are not as serious as limb damage as you cannot sleep off damaged limbs. You will either need Doctor Bags or healing from a doctor. Tis is your most serious danger in the early part of the game.
    -Save often…
    -Food and water are fairly plentiful, so with some planning you should be ok.
    -Build up your strength, you will need to haul a lot of gear for your adventure, and for sale. ED-E is a great mule for supplies as well, but in Hardcore, ED-E is extremely susceptible to death as well.
    Hardcore is extremly do-able, you just need to be more cautios until your charecter gets on their feet!

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