SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: F.E.A.R. 3 / F.3.A.R.

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FEAR 3 is truly one of 2011’s gaming enigmas.  It is one of the best playing and best feeling first-person shooters I have played on the Xbox 360, but the game itself languished as players of the game seamed to be few and far between.  The FEAR brand has not been able to maintain its momentum since the release of FEAR in 2005 and the subsequent release on consoles a year later.  Back in June I posted my impressions of FEAR 3 along with a breakdown of FEAR’s convoluted story that has emerged since the conclusion of FEAR which has been part of the problem.  Fortunately the identity crises that is the FEAR franchise has not stopped developers from pushing the envelope and giving gamers a unique hybrid of FPS and horror gameplay.


If it is not obvious why I picked FEAR 3 for this year’s Fright Week (I discussed the original FEAR in 2010) let me fill you in why you should play this game leading up to Halloween:

  • Co-op first person shooter campaign so you need not go into the dark alone
  • You can play as a ghost! (Thank you Paxton Fettel)
  • Frightful environments and imagery
  • Cool multiplayer modes you can play co-op in as well
  • Scary cut scenes
  • The conclusion (?) to the FEAR storyline

I assume you could get this game quite cheap by know so I recommend you and a buddy get a copy (or one and play split-screen) and have a paranormal activity this spooky season.




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