SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Gears of War

The original’s frightening beginnings…


My Love for You Is Like a TruckMy Love for You Is Like a Truck – Defeat a Berserker on Hardcore Difficulty    

Gamerscore = 30     Unlocked on 22/11/2006

For this edition of Fright Week I am going to reach back five years to 2006 and the release of Gears of War.  Now with Gears of War 3 fresh in gamer’s Xboxes, why would I dredge out the original for a pre-Halloween blog post?  The answer is that in going back to the original Gears of War I am going back to a game where horror elements were at the forefront  of the game’s design and aesthetic.


During the development of Gears of War I paid careful attention to what ever article or interview I could get my hands on.  I remember quite vividly Cliff Blesinski, the game’s designer, describing the games horror themes and elements being a major part of the game.  One can see it throughout with the game’s trademark gore, the jump scares, the mutilated corpses hanging throughout the game world, and finally how they played-up the Locust as some sort of mysterious boogeyman from under the ground.  You could also look at the game’s over-world: a dark, dreary, war-torn environment where who-knows-what could be lurking in the shadows around every corner.


Another of the more evident horrific elements of Gears of War is that of the enemy design.  The Locust Drones, Berserkers, Seeders, Corpsers, Kryll, and so on were designed with graphic violence and scares in mind.  The enemies in Gears were, and are, truly frightening to behold.  If you were unfortunate enough to let them get close enough to get their hands on you, they would tear you limb from limb without hesitation.  That is scary…that is what you would expect from a horror based game.


Though future instalments of the franchised continued with even scarier versions of the enemy types, the worlds also became less drab and more colourful.  As such the games also drifted away from its horror themed beginnings and became more of a fight for survival, while is horrific i its own way, it is less of a bump-in-the-night scary.  I appreciate all the Gears of War games, but the original holds a special place in my heart for its dedication to the horror story and its scary ways.

Gears of War



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