SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Dead Pixels

The dead will rise…in 2-D!

The Pixelated Dead…

DeadPixelBoxNow if you have been playing video games over the last fifteen years or so you have probably played one of the numerous zombie games that are or were on the market.  And perhaps after all these years you may have had your fill of zombie games,  but don’t give up on the genre yet because you may miss out on one of the freshest takes on zombie ‘survival-horror’ that has hit the market in some time (that is including you too, Dead Island).  Dead Pixels: An 8-Bit Zombie Sim takes gamers on a Left 4 Dead style ride, lays it down on a 2-D plane, throws a layer of old-school RPG character development and item management, adds a dash of humour and arcade action to the mix.  And the kicker of it all…this game is only $1…with free DLC!


The way I have been playing this game is in bite-sized sessions.  When I have had my fill of the games in my regular rotation but am not ready for bed I like to through on Dead Pixels, knock off a few streets until the zombies catch up with me then I call it a session.  A great little pick-up-and-play action/RPG.

I have to give props to the game’s creator CantStrafeRight.  I really appreciate the design, the little unique touches, and the nods to other famous zombie franchises.  It just adds that little extra ‘something’ that makes this product special.

Unfortunately, most people have never heard of Dead Pixels as it can be lost in the sea of Xbox LIVE Indie Games.  So it is up to us who enjoy the product to spread the word.  So I want to highly recommend this game for those who enjoy their RPG action-adventure games in an 8-Bit setting with a zombie apocalypse as a back drop.  Watch the video above and download the free trial of the game here.  You will not be disappointed!

That is it for my first Fright Week post of 2011.  Check back as I will try to give you a new post each day up until Halloween from the Haunted House of Xbox.

Dead Pixels | CSR-Studios



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