Mission Accomplished: Fallout New Vegas – Lonesome Road

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Hometown HeroHometown Hero

Completed Lonesome Road     Unlocked on 10/10/2011

Though the first New Vegas DLC arrived at the end of 2010, I put off playing the downloadable chapters until this past June.  Over the Summer I played through Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and today I completed the final chapter in the Courier 6 side-story with the conclusion of Lonesome Road.  I enjoyed that I waited on these chapters as i was able to move fairly seamlessly from one to the next and see how, though the stories were distinct and different, they meshed together to tell a complete story.


As for the content itself Lonesome Road not only gave your character some great armour, weapons, and power-ups, it also gave you some additional insight to the main story for Fallout: New Vegas.  The Divide, like the other DLC chapters, provides gamers with a very extensive area to explore with dozens of secrets.  It was also very visually striking, presenting a world that is very much still suffering from the apocalypse, much more so than the remainder of the Mojave.

My greatest disappointment from this last adventure is that I was unable to secure the achievement for detonating all 30 warheads.  Somehow I missed two of them.  Perhaps if I can scrape some time together before I wrap up the game I will go back and try to find those final two.  Otherwise I was able to secure all the other achievements.

Now that I have completed the Lonesome Road, all that is left for me is to make the final push the game’s conclusion.  Along the way though I will be trying to tackle at least a couple of the Gun Runners achievements that were a part of the weapon-based DLC quests that arrived with a recent DLC which added many more new and cool weapons to the game.  I am going to try and put some quality time into Fallout: New Vegas noe because Skyrim is only a month away!

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2 Responses to Mission Accomplished: Fallout New Vegas – Lonesome Road

  1. Paul says:

    The final two warheads to blow up appear only after the DLC is complete, I think, in a new section on the map. The Courier’s Mile? It’s a highly irradiated zone littered with Deathclaws; I peeped in for a moment, but then was get +4/+5 RAD every second, and got out of there. Grab a Radiation Suit, and good luck!

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