Castlevania – Lords of Shadow: Early Impressions

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Traditionally I am not a huge fan of the hack-n-slash ‘God-of War’ styled games where the game has you dispatching scads of enemies and making your way through huge 3D worlds on your way to a massive boss fight.  Part of this is that in my advanced age my twitch-gaming ability is not there like it used to be, also I often play games for their story.  When I originally played the demo for this game I thought it was really cool.  It had a massive, mysterious over-world, great set pieces, fun gameplay, and narrated by Patrick Stewart!  It almost felt like I was playing the action version of the start of Oblivion.  Last week I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Limited Edition package for the game (which is pretty cool) as it was reduced to $30 and give this game the ol’ college try.


Very early into the game (barely past the point where the demo stops) and so far I am really liking it!  Like most games like this it is a struggle for me to remember the button combos and such, the complexity can get to me, but as I mentioned earlier the overall story and world are making me look past that to keep going.  So far, tapping the ‘X’ button, dodging, and block-timing are working out well for me.  The game has a really nice look to it, I like the old European, dark fairy-tale look of the world.


Games like these boil down to the combat system, and from what I have played so far the game has a very satisfying one.   I enjoy the timed block counters, the whip actions, and over the top boss kills.  So far my biggest complaint would be the camera control, or rather the lack of, but with the way this game is built it would likely be a bad idea to leave the camera in the hands of the player.  It is still earlier so I will not take creators to much to task on that yet.

As these are early impressions I would say Castlevania: Lord of Shadows is a pretty cool God of War clone.  Though originally created to be its own IP, i think it was a good move to staple on the Castlevania license to this game, that should put it in the hands of more gamers.  That is how it worked for me.  It has also awakened my interest in the franchise as a whole, so much so that I will be doing my personal retrospective of the series in an upcoming post.  Look for that coming soon!

Castlevania – Lords of Shadow



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