Mission Accomplished: Gears of War 3

The trilogy concluded…but the game marches on!


Ready for MoreReady for More – Completed all campaign Acts on Casual or Normal Difficulty        Gamerscore = 50   Unlocked on 26/09/2011

This past Monday I put the final touches on my first campaign playthrough by completing Act V, thus concluding the Gears of War story arch which has spanned three games (plus several novels, comics, etc.).  Act V was a doozy, it took me a good two hours to complete, even on the very forgiving ‘Normal’ skill level.

The campaign was very much in the style of the previous two games.  Moments of high drama interspersed through hours of combat which feel as though it is best played with a friend, or three (this is a good thing, not a knock).  Being the last game of arguably the greatest graphical showcase on the 360, you can really see the improvements game over game with the final chapter really taking it to the next level.


Regarding the story, it was good, but I am not sure if it was great yet.  Like I said earlier it was very much like the previous entries in the series and had great moments both combat-wise and story through the game, but it didn’t seem to have as many varied moments like the roller coaster ride of Gears 2.  I do think that may have to do with the ability to play in 4-player co-op.  I suspect my appreciation will grow with the repeated playthroughs of the campaign for which I have planned.


There is so much more that I could delve into on this game, but I do want to keep this post on the shorter side, after all it is difficult to keep saying what has already been said a million times, Gears of War three is an amazing game with a great story and a suite of multiplayer modes that will keep you busy for years to come!  I personally just wanted to attack the first playthrough on my own so I could experience the story without any interruption.

And I will be experiencing the story, like in previous Gears of War games, again and again.  With 4-player co-op, an arcade mode, higher difficulties, branching paths, and DLC, there is no shortage of ways to play this game, and that is only the campaign.  I still have a lot of Beast, Horde, and Versus to get at and exploit.

I wish in a way that this game had come out earlier.  There is so much to do that in this hectic gaming season I will not get to devote the time to Gears 3 that it deserves, but it will get played, and played a lot, mark my words.

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