Early Impressions: Gears of War 3

So much Gears, so little time!


Welcome to the Big LeaguesWelcome to the Big Leagues – Your skill and experience means you’re ready for Standard Versus multiplayer          Gamerscore = 0   Unlocked on 20/09/2011

After nearly a three-year wait Gears of War 3 has finally made its way to our consoles. While the beta this past Spring was a nice teaser, it was far from finally getting your hands on the real deal, and now that the game is here I find that with all the modes of play available it may even be some time before I see them, never mind really exploring them.

As for the impressions portion I am going to have to limit them to the first act of the campaign and the versus multiplayer.  First of which is the games campaign, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, Gears 3 is a Gears game…on steroids.  First of all the graphics are exponentially better than its predecessors.  It is also smoother and faster, and the story feels weightier.  The new enemies add variety and there is a lot I have yet to see.  The game is very true to its roots, but I am interested to see how 3 and 4 player co-op changes things.  Early campaign impression conclusion is that I cannot wait to see more!


As for the multiplayer, I am still getting my feet wet.  It takes me a while to get up to speed in a Gears game just because the control and the player’s gait is so unique in the world of shooters.  Even when I get my Gears-legs running I am an above-average player at best.  Last night I did score a MVP medal in a ranked match, so I guess I am not too bad.  Like I said earlier, impressions on the multiplayer is, like Halo, playing it will go on for years.  With Gears I am fortunate to have a good group of players always on the ready.

I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth in to Horde, Beast, Co-op, and Arcade modes over time.  Certainly a lot to do there.  I also found it neat that when I started up the game I got the above zero pint achievement.  You do not see them too often any more.  Stay tuned for more Gears posts as time marches on!

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