Up Next: Gears of War 3

Brothers to the end!


I haven’t done an ‘Up Next’ post for a while.  Usually I do them in advance of big releases or games I have pre-ordered in advance so I know what I am going to get.  Lately with games like Deus Ex and Dead Island have been purchased on a whim, so not much advance notice there.  Gears of War 3 on the other hand has been nearly 3 years in the making and has really been the game on everybody’s radar since its predecessor was released.  Now the release is only hours away I you can sense the anticipation of the gamers over Xbox LIVE.  Gears 3 is going to be huge, and I will be there from day 1!


The beta back earlier this year was proof-positive that the Gears 3 multiplayer was going to be a force when it arrives.  Most of us have not even had an opportunity to try Horde 2.0 and Beast Mode which will keep gamers going if they are not playing the 4 player campaign coop or the multiplayer endlessly.

I love it when a game delivers a package that you know will not let you put it down for months, or even years.  As we don’t know what the future holds for the franchise, we do know that Gears 3 will keep us up many a night and gaming with our friends.  I can’t wait for Tuesday!

Gears of War – Home



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