Mission Accomplished: Sega Bass Fishing

Virtua Fish!


Arcade WinnerArcade Winner – You cleared ARCADE MODE                                                    Gamerscore = 10   Unlocked on 15/09/2011

A while back I posted about my experiences with Sega Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast, complete with the Dreamcast Fishing Controller (motion control before motion control was cool).  I did that post on the heels of my purchase and return of the Dreamcast Collection that I was dealing with around the same time.  Fast forward to this month and my re-purchase of the DC Collection and finally getting the opportunity to earn achievements with my beloved Sega Bass Fishing.  Last night I took the opportunity to try said portion of the collection and give Sega Bass Fishing’s Arcade Mode a playthrough.


Playing through the Sega Bass Fishing Arcade Mode took really only a matter of minutes, but it is fun, and you can try and better your performance by using different lures, or continuing less, and so on.  That really is only for competing against yourself.  As for the Leaderboards…it does show the weight of our final landed super bass, the only problem is that almost everybody has the same weight, so no big distinction there.

Sega Bass Fishing is not the biggest or best fishing or sports sim out there, but it is good and quick simple fun, and it does harken back to a time when Sega was the cutting edge arcade machine company.  This a great game just to kick back and have some fun, just like the ‘reel’ deal!

Sega Bass Fishing



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