Halo Highlight Reel: Halo Wars Redux Edition

Real. Time. Halo.


BackscratcherBackscratcher – Completed any Campaign Mission in Co-op Mode                Gamerscore = 10   Unlocked on 02/09/2011

With Halo Anniversary  just around the corner I have continued to look for Halo experiences to fill the gap.  Of course I have increased my play of Halo: Reach, in particular the multiplayer, either being the multiplayer matchmaking, or some custom game races for that little something different.  Knowing that I have left a lot of Halo Wars on the table I decided to mess around with it a bit and also revisit some of the fantastic story cinemas that were included in the game.  So after dabbling a bit I and my like-minded brother decided to tackle some missions, and perhaps the whole campaign, in co-op mode.  We upped the ante by trying the Heroic skill level.  I guess our thinking is their is two of us, how hard could it be?


The problem for me with Halo Wars is that it is a Real Time Strategy game (or RTS), and I am just not that good at them.  I find the back and forth between the squads and my base in real time just to be too much to manage.  I would say this is probably due to my lack of experience in the genre coupled with my aging brain.  Fortunately my brother is better than I, so working together I feel we can make a good run at Heroic and earn some stray achievements as well.


When we pick up the game during our next play session I hope to take over the production and base development portion of the game.  I really enjoy resource management and building units in Halo Wars.  Being able to focus my energies in one aspect of the game will make me more comfortable, and ultimately our team more successful. 

Perhaps if I can get that under control I can branch out with a little scouting, or offer a helping hand in battle, either way I am looking forward to continuing to revisit this game as it is the last of the Halo frontiers that I have not fully exploited.  On top of that, watching some Halo Ward videos on Waypoint, my son began taking an interest, though I suspect he is a little ways off to be playing this game, but we shall see about that.

Official Halo Wars Community Site



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