Big Game Hunter: Deus Ex, Conspiracy and Invisible War

Completing a trilogy of sorts…



Recently I blogged about my acquisition of Deus Ex: Invisible War for the Xbox.  At that time I thought it was the only console Deus Ex game, and that if I ever wanted to play the series in its entirety I would have to dip into my PC game collection.  As I am not a very prolific PC game player I thought I would never  have the wherewithal to play this series, that combined with a less than stellar showing of Human Revolution at E3 and I was off of the Deus Ex train.

Two things happened this week that changed my tune.  Good word of mouth and reviews of Human Revolution and discovering that there was a console port of Deus Ex for the PS2!  I am not sure how this info alluded me, but thanks to my fellow blogger at Grinding Down, I was now armed with this knowledge and my quest was clear, to obtain a copy of Deus Ex: The Conspiracy.  Unfortunately this was easier said than done.


This week I spent way more time than I should trying to obtain a copy, so much so that I almost gave up entirely.  What was out there was, in my opinion, either too expensive or too beat up for me to consider acquiring.  I did not want to pay top dollar, but the eBays and the Amazons of the world were working against me, so as a last resort I was going to check in at a few local pawn shops and try my luck that way.

Luck fortunately was on my side.  The first dingy pawn shop I came across had a very meagre PS2 collection, but as luck would have it, it had what I was looking for!  A copy of Deus Ex: The Conspiracy!  On closer inspection it had a sticker on it that said $35.  That was more than I wanted to pay, but it was there so I was not going to leave without it.

Scanning the cabinet the game was in it had a sign that said all PS2 games were $10!  So I got the game and what was more amazing that it was brand new, only the plastic was removed, but the security sticker was still in place along the box top!  So $10 later and I had what I was looking for, brand new, at a price point I was more than happy with.  Let that be a lesson kids, never give up.


In the interest of being a completest, I went out and grabbed another copy of Deus Ex: Invisible War for $4.  I already had a copy, but it was without a manual.  This copy had one so I decided I had to have it all.  All that is left is to start the adventure, and to do that I have to next pick up Human Revolution.  I am gathering some trade-bait for it as I write this so that I may hopefully bring the price down. 

It has been a good day…for Deus Ex.

UPDATE: As the day wore on I could not resist, I now own Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  More on that in a future post

Deus Ex : Human Revolution




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