Xtra Points: Demo Daze

Dazed and amused…

With just getting back from vacation and back to games I don’t have enough for a dedicated post so here is my catch-all blog feature, Xtra Points.  This edition features two recent demos just mad available today on the marketplace, Space Marine and NHL 12.


Warhammer 40K – Space Marine: A little ways back I did a post on Space Marine and my history with the franchise.  The other week I pre-ordered the game, but today I got to play the demo, and I think the demo justified my putting my money down on this game.  Like Gears of War and X-Men Origins Wolverine before it, Space Marine’s melee combat is very visceral and satisfying.  You really feel like a bad-ass as you are sawing up Space Orcs!  Melee, shooting, and air attacks give the gamer a lot of variety and methods of killing as they stomp and tromp their way through the demo.  I am looking forward to Space Marine as a warm-up for Gears of War 3.


NHL 12:  NHL 12 will likely represent the first EA Sports hockey game that I have not purchased in the better part of a decade.  While the quality of these games are fantastic I just find I have been playing them less and less with each passing year.  I really loved the Be a Pro mode, but last season they tinkered with it and ruined it for me.  That leaves me with playing my brothers, which I still really enjoy, I just can’t justify the purchase with tat amount of play.  I think I will just visit my brother in town for my NHL 12 fix.


Formula D:  Now here is something a little of the beaten path for my blog, a real life board game!  We had the opportunity to play the game with my brother this past weekend and enjoyed it so much that we purchased our own copy.  My son has really taken to board and card games as of late so it is fun to have something new and neat to play for him, and also something us parents can enjoy!

Before concluding I have a few parting shots:

  • Completed exchange with my brother of the recently purchased Xbox game Dai Senryaku VII: Modern Military Tactics which I gave, and in return I received strategy guides for Forza 3 and Dead or Alive 4.  I like my strategy guides.
  • Started playing Borderlands again last night.  Hopefully more on that soon.
  • Creeping closer to completing Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

That’s all for now, until next time, stay frosty!

Space Marine



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