On the Brink…

…and off again.


The start of something bigThe start of something big – Win any mission, whether campaign or What-If    Gamerscore = 20   Unlocked on 16/08/2011

Being on vacation and having just a little bit more time on my hands I decided to experiment with a game I had some previous interest in, Brink.  Two reasons why I decided to give it a shot, firstly the game was on sale for $20, secondly they offered the DLC pack ‘Agents of Change’ for free for a limited time.  What else was cool is that when I cracked open my game box they included a code for some special Fallout gear to use on your character.  As both games are published by Bethesda, they can make it happen.


The other day I started to put the game through its introductory paces.  Here is briefly what I thought is pretty cool about Brink:

  • Persistence in the online world (as seen above).  Your battles matter!
  • Character customization allows you to build not only a unique avatar, but a cool looking one too.  Lots of different classes, weapons, and looks to choose from!
  • The art style is amazing and the setting for the Ark is really neat.
  • Parkour abilities have you flying around the map.

What I am not too keen on is…

  • The shooting mechanics

While that so far is only one negative, it is the most important thing one needs to get right.  I was just not a big fan of the games shooting mechanic, and that as I said is a game breaker.

I will likely at least make my way through the campaign.  Perhaps as my character develops I may find that the game improves.  If and when I beat this game I will report back and let you know how it worked out.

Brink Official Site




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