Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Back with a vengeance!


Early this year I did a massive blog post which detailed the history of the Steel Battalion franchise, its legacy. and its future.  We last saw news of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor when it was announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) when several ‘core’ Kinect titles were announced.  I was immediately excited at the prospect of not only having a new Steel Battalion game, but also for it to utilize the Kinect sensor which has been desperately crying out for games are not dancing or exercise focused, but for games that appeal to the hardcore.  But with nearly a year passing by I began to wonder if Steel Battalion would truly materialize, or would it crumble under its own ambition like its predecessors.

Vertical Tanks with a WWII aesthetic…

Today at Gamescom my hope was renewed with the release of an all-new trailer!  This new trailer gives us a better idea of what is in store and is starting to resemble its predecessor.  Joystiq’s report from Gamescom goes on to describe the game and its controls in further detail:

As revealed by Capcom’s fact sheet, Heavy Armor maintains the series’ legacy for complicated controls by using two forms of input: both Kinect and the standard Xbox 360 pad. The controller is used for movement, aiming, and firing, while the Kinect camera picks up “upper body gestures” used for starting the engine, using the scope, or operating a turret-mounted machine gun. You can also communicate verbally and nonverbally with your crew members. High fives are specifically mentioned.

While the Capcom appears to be ret-con-ing the Steel Battalion story, to me that does not really matter as it looks like we may be getting the Steel Battalion we always wanted, one we can all play and afford.  Hopefully multiplayer and LIVE support will be included, I guess we will find out next year as that is when the game is due to be released.  I really cannot wait for this one!

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor




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