Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fun for everyone!


Winning!Winning! – Ninjas never gloat                                                                              Gamerscore = 10   Unlocked on 10/08/2011

While I do not buy as many Xbox LIVE Arcade games as I used to, I still make room for unique and interesting games.  And when a XBLA game for Kinect comes out, then I have to jump on board.  You can say what you want about Fruit Ninja Kinect, but around my house it is a huge hit.  I actually have not logged that much time with the game because the kids have been all over the Kinect since I purchased it.  My impression of the game though is that it is a fun game to pass the time, has more strategy than you think, and is a great workout!


One of the coolest things about Fruit Ninja is that it allowed my three-year-old daughter to finally really play a video game!  She even has been able to earn a few achievements so far, the first of her career.  My son loves the game as well.  When he is done with the game he is a ball of sweat.  When I play as well I definitely feel the burn.

While not a lot of depth on the surface or tonnes of game modes, there is more than enough here for your family or your friends to have a good time slicing fruit!  I highly recommend Fruit Ninja Kinect for your slow to grow Kinect library.

Fruit Ninja Kinect –




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