Mission Accomplished: Fallout New Vegas – Old World Blues

You ain’t gettin’ nowhere without singin’ the blues!


OutsmartedOutsmarted – Completed Old World Blues                                                         Gamerscore = 35   Unlocked on 07/08/2011

Last weekend I made a concerted effort to complete the Old World Blues expansion for Fallout New Vegas.  An effort was indeed required as I spent at least 15 hours exploring, battling, and questing my way through the hidden scientific crater of ‘The Big Empty’ or rather Big MT.  Bethesda and Obsidian once again hit it out of the park with DLC with an expansive story, new weapons and armour, and a huge and interesting overworld to explore.  These are my expectations for RPG DLC content, and more often than not, the Fallout series has the best offerings for the lowest price.


For me, the most exciting aspect of the Fallout New Vegas downloadable contents is that there is a very strong and interesting story arch running through.  Beginning in Dead Money, ramped up in Old World Blues, and reaching its dramatic conclusion in Lonesome Road, this story arch revolving around the DLC is bigger than some retail release RPGs!  I am very interested to see how the Two Courier storyline works out in the end.


One more note on the Old World Blues content, prepare for a lot of dialogue.  Fallout games are traditionally dialogue-heavy, but OWB takes the cake.  The first hour or two alone you could spend chatting with the residents of Big MT.  After that, there is a lot to see and do.

I look forward to wrapping this Courier storyline so I can finally make the big push to the New Vegas grand finally.  With heavy-hitters such as Gears of War 3, Forza 4, and Skyrim amongst others due this Fall, Fallout needs to be out of the way, and after nearly 200 hours of gameplay, it will be time.

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