Commodore 64 Week Comes to a Close

All good things…


If you haven’t seen the end of the C64 game for Lethal Weapon then the above screenshot may be considered a spoiler!  Winking smile I had a lot of fun looking back on the games I enjoyed on my C64, I could probably do 50 posts on my favourites, but I do have to get back to the future and continue blogging about my Xbox 360 exploits.  Before I do that though I make a few bullet-points about some games I did not get to feature during the week.  I will watch to see if we can make this an annual event, in the meantime keep your C64 alive by booting it up and playing some games! Load”*”,8,1!!!

Commodore 64, the games.
  • Ghostbusters: Perhaps still the best game based on the movie
  • Turrican: C64’s best side-scrolling platform shooter
  • Ultima (Series): Amazing RPGs!
  • Wasteland: Before there was Fallout…
  • Autoduel: The first CarPG
  • Leaderboard Golf: Deadly animation!
  • M.U.L.E.: The first name in finance/strategy games
  • Movie Monster Game: Destroy cities as Godzilla!

And so on…and so many more!  Until next time.

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