The Games of Commodore 64 Week: Epyx ‘Games’

Light it up!


With the popularity of Activision’s Decathlete and the Konami’s Track n Field, Epyx took what was out there and ramped it up into what would be one of the hallmarks of C64 games by creating Summer Games.  Summer Games allowed gamers to compete with up to eight friends (some events allowed for 2 player versus play) in eight Olympic sports.  The difference with Summer Games is that it allowed more finesse play then just rapid button and stick hitting.

Game on!

With the success of Summer Games, its sequel, Summer Games II arrived a year later with improved graphics and unique events.  Before you could stack Sonic cartridges the Summer Games titles allowed gamers to combine the two games to create eight-player, 16 event Olympic extravaganza!  The ‘Games’ would also save the best results, or world records, as they were described.  Many a Games were hosted with family and friends.  To this day Summer Games I and II are my favourite Olympic-style video games.


With the success of the Summer Games, Epyx continued to push the ‘Games’ label with the next stop being Winter Games.  Winter Games sported some of the most memorable events such as Biathlon, Bobsledding, and Ski Jumping.  Unfortunately there was no follow up to the Winter Games, rather Epyx took the games to strange new places with World Games and probably the first X-treme video game, California Games.  Memorable events from these collections were Cliff Diving, Surfing, and Half-Pipe Skateboarding.


Since I missed blogging yesterday, today I gave you 4 for 1.  So many good memories surrounding these games.  Growing up on a farm we didn’t have access to game stores, rentals, magazines, or anything.  The C64 was our windoe on gaming, and Epyx gave us a fantastic world view!

Epyx “Games” series



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