The Games of Commodore 64 Week: Wizard

When platformers were king…there was Wilfred the Wizard!


When thinking of games to feature on this Commodore 64 week, one of the games that immediately jumps out at me as a uniquely C64 experience is Electronic Arts (yes THAT Electronic Arts) magical platformer, Wizard.  Wizard has the gamer taking control of Wilfred, a purple-clad spell-caster that has to navigate increasingly devious puzzle levels.  Wilfred collects treasures and casts spells of protection on his way to discovering keys so that he can unlock the doors which take him from level to level.

Wizards don’t use Drugs!

Wizard fascinated me and frustrated me.  While a great premise and a unique playstyle, not to mention the incredible and distinctive audio work on this game, I also found it to be very frustrating and difficult.  Perhaps the learning curve was too steep for the youthful me.


As I mentioned earlier, Wizard and Ultimate Wizard are two uniquely C64 experiences.  I am sure the people who played and remember this game are few and far between, but what better time to remember this game then on Commodore 64 Week!  When I get my 64 out later this week, this will be one game I will make a point to search for!

Wizard (1983 video game) – Wikipedia



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8 Responses to The Games of Commodore 64 Week: Wizard

  1. Rich says:

    Not sure how I missed this the first time around since I was a big EA for the c-64 guy. The screens look alot like Jumpman!

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  3. dryerlint17 says:

    Dude, I loved this game. I am 38 now but I can still remember playing this game in my bedroom till the wee hours. Awesome memories. Never was too good at constructing levels though. I’ve been playing this game a couple times a year since discovering emulators 14 years ago.

  4. I love this game, really wish I could still play it again, great stress relief. I loved making the levels myself. Funny watching folks on utube play it…you can tell they never have.

  5. doug smith says:

    WinVice is the emulator and you can find the game at Gamebase 64. Have fun!!!

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